Driver vs Chauffeur

Private Driver vs Chauffeur: What’s the Real Difference?

With the onset of COVID-19, the travel industry has implemented new changes. There is more of a focus on quality and cleanliness.

One industry that has certainly adapted to the times is car-for-hire services. Professional drivers are necessary for business travel, but did you know there are two types?

The driver vs. chauffeur is a debate that has gone on for many years. Since they’re both drivers, people seem to confuse the two.

But, even though they have the same occupation, they are not the same. Today you’ll learn the differences between a driver and a chauffeur.

Why Do People Hire Drivers?

Most business travelers land in a city they aren’t familiar with, which can hinder the quality of the trip. You want to be able to get around as efficiently as possible.

Hiring a chauffeur in the city you’re in helps you move around without relying on Google Maps or public transportation. Chauffeurs know their city well and tell you things you need to know about the city.

Although it may feel like a taxi service, it’s not. You’re not trying to flag a driver down in the most unreliable way, hoping to get to your meeting on time.

You can book chauffeurs in advance for the time you want them to come. They’ll arrive at the appointed time and get you to your appointment. They take a well-planned route to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Driver vs. Chauffeur

Although there is a variety of car services out there, remember that they aren’t the same. Drivers and chauffeurs are two labels for car hire services that people often mix up. Now it’s time to discuss the differences between the two.


Anyone can be a driver. Drivers only need to have a license for the state that they live. There’s no other special training or qualifications that a person needs to have to become a driver.

Drivers also don’t have uniform requirements. Think about the last time you requested an Uber or a Lyft. The driver probably wasn’t wearing a uniform.

That’s not a bad thing. But it wouldn’t be the best look if you pulled up to an important business meeting in an average car with a regular driver. Yes, the driver might get you to your appointment on time, but there’s a lack of professionalism.


Now here is where the confusion often comes in during the chauffeur vs. driver debate. Drivers are not chauffeurs, but chauffeurs are drivers. Both drive cars and get you from point A to B, so what’s the difference?

Chauffeurs are professionally trained drivers. They are trained in a variety of components such as:

  • Customer service
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Chauffeur etiquette

These are just three things that help differentiate a chauffeur driver from a standard driver. But there are other ways that you can spot the differences between the two.

Chauffeurs have a chauffeur license and usually drive black luxury vehicles. They also wear a black suit and tie to establish a sense of professionalism.

So if you need to impress a client, the best way to do so will be to hire a chauffeur service. That way, your client knows that you’re pulling out all the stops to get them on board.

Know Which Service Is Right For You

Now that you’re clear on a driver vs. chauffeur, which service is the right one for you? It all depends on your current needs and the level of importance of your business trip.

Like we’ve established, a driver will get you to where you need to go without bringing anything else to the table. The most you’ll get from them is casual conversation throughout the journey and be asked to give a rating once it’s done.

Chauffeurs will give you so much more. Not only will you have a professional service drive you around, but they’ll also cater to your every need. 

After a long day of travel, it’s time to take a rest. Chauffeurs start by introducing themselves to you in a mannerly fashion and will call you by your name.

They’ll also take your bags for you and open your car door. Once you’re in the car, a chauffeur won’t annoy you with a conversation as an everyday driver would.

They remain silent so that you can check your emails and messages in peace. The luxury vehicles chauffeurs drive also have WIFI on board. This makes it easier to stay connected if your phone cannot connect to your data network.

Once you get to your destination, your chauffeur will help you with your things. They’ll also provide other services if you need them. So if you need to make a reservation at a restaurant or need something picked up at the store, your chauffeur will accommodate your request.

A chauffeurs job is to make your experience with them as pleasant as possible. And with COVID-19 still causing harm in some areas, it’s great to know that you’ll be riding with a service that focuses on preventive measures.

Is There A Different In Price?

A personal driver might be a more convenient option at times. But hiring a chauffeur service for your next business outing will be equally cost-efficient.

Drivers come in their cars that may or may not be clean. But you’ll still be paying for your journey even if you have an uncomfortable experience.

Chauffeurs come in luxury vehicles that you can book ahead of time, and they are guaranteed to be clean, which is vital during these times. So, why not pay for an experience where the car is clean inside, and you can relax while traveling to your destination?

Ride In Style And Not In Something Vile

Knowing the difference between a driver vs. chauffeur is key to having a fantastic experience during your next business trip. Traveling in style will help you command attention once you exit the vehicle. There’s nothing like turning heads and letting everyone know that you mean business.

If you want to learn more about DMC Limousines’ luxury vehicles and chauffeur services, visit our contact us page and start cruising in style today.

Airport Chauffeur

All About Airport Chauffeurs: Your Airport Chauffeur Guide

Are you a company that’s looking for a luxurious way to pick up your VIP clients from the airport? Do you wish there was a way to drive to the airport without having to battle the traffic yourself? If so, then you need to consider hiring an airport chauffeur for your next flight.

Doing so can give you a plethora of benefits. It saves you from paying to park your car, increases the safety of your commute, and gives you the chance to tend to other matters while they take you to and from.

See below for an in-depth guide on airport chauffeurs and why they are such an incredible benefit for everyone.

What Is an Airport Chauffeur?

There are many ways for you to get to the airport, but not all of them are practical. You could drive yourself, but then you’re spending unnecessary money to keep your car parked there until you get back. 

You could invest in a ridesharing app, such as Uber, but that would mean putting your arrival in the hands of an untrained driver. Not to mention that the results on Uber are mixed at best, with several nightmare Uber experiences.

That’s why it’s best to leave your needs in the hands of an airport chauffeur, especially when it’s for corporate matters. You want your clients, prospects, business partners, and employees to feel like VIPs? Hire an airport chauffeur to take them to or from their next flight!

An airport chauffeur is booked through a trusted luxury car service. They’re pre-booked, ensuring a timely departure and arrival at the airport. We perform extensive background checks on all of our chauffeurs to ensure a clean driving record and noteworthy driving skills.

All of our airport chauffeurs are experienced and know exactly how to treat each guest as their top priority. 

How Are Our Airport Chauffeurs Trained?

Experience is the best trainer. However, we at DMC Limousines have an extensive process for making sure our airport chauffeurs meet the expectations of ourselves and our clients.

As previously mentioned, we put them all through a rigorous screening process and chauffeur selection program during the initial hiring phase. We also perform background checks every 5 years and have recurring health and drug checks to ensure the safety of our clients.

But that’s not all. Once we’ve hired a chauffeur, the training has only begun. Each member of our staff attends weekly training programs that are used to further their skills and enhance the experience of our clients. This includes focusing on things such as:

  • Driving safety
  • Driving skills
  • Reliability
  • Etiquette
  • Customer service and care

All of our airport chauffeurs are diligent, tactful, and accommodating. They pre-plan their routes and monitor the most recent traffic reports to ensure timely arrival. 

Something to note: we don’t just perform airport transportation. Our chauffeurs can be hired and used for any commercial or retail needs. That could include things like:

  • Transportation for your guests flying into town
  • Transportation for all event attendees
  • Special occasions (such as weddings, corporate outings, etc.)

The Benefits of Airport Chauffeurs

Now that you know what an airport chauffeur does and the extensive background screening that we perform, you’ve undoubtedly seen several ways they can benefit your situation. Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of airport chauffeurs.

1. High-Quality Service

Whenever you book an airport chauffeur through DMC Limousines, you are our top priority. We ensure a timely arrival, but that isn’t all!

All of your needs will be met along the way. Our chauffeurs are happy to converse with you during your commute or let you take care of some business matters while they drive. 

If you have any alterations to your plans, let us know! We’re happy to accommodate your needs in any way that we can. Whether that’s altering the route, making an extra stop, or picking up someone else along the way. We can do it all!

2. Convenience

All you need to do is book the airport chauffeur, we’ll take care of everything else. You tell us what time you need to be there and we will make it happen.

We’ll look at the best route to take from your location and stay up-to-date on local traffic reports to avoid any unforeseen setbacks. You’ll arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

You can depend on our consistent service. We’ll always promise a safe ride every time that you book our airport chauffeur services. You’ll be sitting comfortably while we take you to your destination.

3. Amazing Impression for Your Brand

Unlike many other airport chauffeur services, we realize the impact that our airport chauffeur service has on your brand. Fair or not, a bad experience with Uber can leave a bad taste in the mouth of your VIPs. Don’t leave that to chance!

At DMC Limousines, we treat every client with the same level of respect, service, and support. Any time you hire us to pick up your VIP, you can guarantee a pleasurable experience.

We take tremendous pride in being the first face your clients see when driving to your place of business. Let us take care of your customers, employees, and business partners with our high-quality airport chauffeurs.

Hire a High-Quality Airport Chauffeur Service for Your Needs

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on what an airport chauffeur is and how they can have such a huge impact on your needs, be sure to book one today!

Be sure to read this article for more information on the 5 benefits of hiring a private chauffeur service for your company.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

private chauffeurs

Should Your Company Hire Private Chauffeurs?

Does your job require frequent travel? Do you find yourself in a new city at least once a month for business purposes? 

Work travel can be an important part of getting the job done. Yet getting around when you don’t know the area can be an unnecessary hassle for employees. 

Believe it or not, private chauffeurs can go a long way toward making your company more profitable. 

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Chauffeurs Are Convenient

Employees from your company may be reluctant to travel if they know there will be a lot of hassle once they get there. Tracking down a cab or an Uber means there may be some waiting and confusion.

If, however, your company has a chauffeur service waiting at the airport, employees won’t need to worry about getting to their conference or hotel on time. They’ll know that the details of their trip are taken care of so they can concentrate on more important matters.

2. Employees Can Get Work Done During the Ride

Travel may be necessary, but it can also be quite time-consuming if employees are on the move during normal business hours.

A private chauffeur means that employees can be more productive by getting work done while they’re en route. They can answer emails, make phone calls, and even create important documents so they’re more prepared for conferences and meetings.

If your company wants your staff to be as productive as possible, they should be considering an investment in a company chauffeur.

3. Less Stress

Driving around in a new city can be almost as stressful as a job itself. You’ll need to fight traffic, navigate your way around, and find a place where you can safely park for awhile. You may even find yourself paying for a parking spot.

None of these worries will be a problem if your company has a private chauffeur waiting to take you around. You can get a tour of the city and step right out of your car and into your meeting or hotel room. You can then worry about doing your job right instead of fretting about the logistical problems of your situation.

4. Cleanliness and Safety

These days, there is so much to worry about when you’re walking through crowded stations or taking public transportation. Basic cleanliness is no longer the only concern. Because of COVID-19, the spread of germs is now a public health issue that everyone should take seriously.

A private car means that the only people present for your trip are you and your driver. You can travel through a big city without concerning yourself with where germs could spread. 

Most of today’s chauffer companies take great care to clean cars between passengers and maintain the highest safety standards.

5. A Good Impression

A company that provides a chauffeur service for employees, clients, and executives sends a strong message to those they do business with. They care about details and want everyone they come in contact with to have a comfortable experience.

If your company is looking to make a professional impression on prospective clients, hiring a private chauffeur company could be an excellent investment. 

5. More Affordable Than You Think

Many companies shy away from chauffeur services because they’re concerned about the cost. Yet hiring professional cars and drivers may be more affordable than you think.

Your company may provide discounts for companies that plan on giving them repeat business. Do some research and find out just how affordable a private chauffer service can really be.

What to Look For When Hiring Private Chauffeurs

It’s important to look for a local chauffeur service since you’ll want a company that knows the ins and outs of your city. You can ask friends and family for recommendations in your area, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Is the service always on time? Are the drivers professional and knowledgeable? Can the service be counted on to provide a car on short notice?

You can also read online reviews to get an idea of what your experience will be like. Remember that anyone can get a bad review once in a while, but repeated negative comments are something to be wary of.

For example, do a lot of people comment on the knowledgeable service? Or do you find a lot of folks complaining about unexpected fees?

Get some estimates and make sure that the price you’ll be paying for a chauffeur service is reasonable for your geographical location. That being said, the least expensive company isn’t always the best buy. You won’t be glad you saved a few bucks if the service doesn’t show up on time.

When you get a driver assigned to a client, make sure they meet your expectations. They should have a neat, professional appearance, punctuality, and good manners. You can also make note of the vehicle’s cleanliness and safety standards. 

Many services also offer a selection of cars to choose from. You’ll want a vehicle that is comfortable, stylish, and relaxed. It’s also important to make sure that the chauffeur service you choose has a payment option that’s convenient for your business.

Driving On

If your company frequently sends employees traveling on business, private chauffeurs could be a worthwhile investment. It takes the stress away from the staff and creates a professional start to the engagement. With the right chauffeur company, employees and clients could be eagerly doing business with you in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your company transportation now. For more information on professional chauffeur services, contact us today.  

private chauffeur services

5 Benefits of Private Chauffeur Services for Your Company

Do you find yourself in constant need of a ride to or from the airport? Are you and your business partners constantly on the move from building to building? If so, then you need to hire private chauffeur services for your needs.

Doing so can offer you a plethora of benefits. It will give you a dependable means of transportation, ensure that all your guests are treated well, and it will also shine a luxurious light on your company’s brand.

See below for an in-depth guide that highlights all of the major benefits of private chauffeur services for you and your company.

1. Upscale Brand Image

Hiring private chauffeur services for your company can be of tremendous value to your overall brand image. It can transform the way that you’re perceived in the eyes of both your business partners and clients.

Imagine this: you have a potential client flying into town to meet with you that same day. When he/she gets off the airplane, they are met by a private chauffeur that’s waiting just for them!

The chauffeur takes care of all their luggage, provides a comfortable space for them to sit, and ensures a pleasurable ride from the airport to your place of business. You’ve already made a tremendous impression on that prospect by simply going above and beyond with the transportation that you arranged!

Having a private chauffeur will put you in the upper echelon in the eyes of your clients. They’ll look at you as an industry expert in customer services. The fact that you sent your private chauffeur to transport them to and from goes to show how much you value your clientele!

Most importantly, hiring a private chauffeur can separate your company from all the others that a client or business partner may have been considering. The chauffeur service makes you seem more high-class and desirable in their eyes!

2. Dependability

Dependability is hard to come by these days. With such a busy schedule already, you have no time to worry about things like traffic, estimated time of arrivals, and so forth.

Depending on the day, you might have three important meetings in separate buildings around town. Your job is to focus on the meeting, not when you should leave or what car that you will take to get there.

Let your private chauffeur service worry about that side of things! You can give them your schedule for the day and they’ll be happy to accommodate it. 

They’ll always arrive early to make sure the car is ready to take off whenever you are. They’ll keep the car running in between your business meetings to make sure you get to your next location with time to spare.

Better yet, our private chauffeur services are available at the drop of a hat. Do you have an employee who has to take a last-second flight out for a business trip? We’ll be there before you know it! Do you need someone to show your VIP guests around town? we’ve got that covered too! Whatever you need, we’ll be there!

3. Reduces Your Stress

We completely understand how stressful business can be. It’s a collection of air-tight meetings and is available for anyone that may call, text, or email you at any given moment. You shouldn’t have to worry about driving while all of that’s going on.

Many business owners don’t think of it, but driving can be a massive time-waster. Driving yourself requires you to take your attention away from your business and focus on the road.

With a private chauffeur service transporting you, you’ll be able to take back control of your busy schedule. You can make important calls, catch up on emails, and so forth while your professionally-trained chauffeur takes you to your next destination.

Studies have shown that traffic can have side effects such as sleep deprivation and chronic stress. Don’t open yourself up to those types of unnecessary consequences when you could hire a chauffeur to work through it instead. 

4. Cost-Efficient Services

There’s a common misconception that private chauffeur services are only for those that are extremely rich. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, private chauffeur services are much more cost-efficient than most means of modern transportation. If you hire us, you don’t have to worry about paying for gas, paying to park every day, storing your car while you travel, etc. 

Not to mention that we offer a much higher return on your investment than using a ridesharing app such as Uber. Through us, you get a licensed PAX certified chauffeur with years of experience, astounding service, and a beautiful car to ride in.

5. Convenience

Your convenience is our top priority! Our goal is to make it so that you hardly notice we’re there at all. We want to be there whenever you need us and deliver a consistent service that meets your standards.

A private chauffeur service is there whenever you need it. Whether you’re going from building to building for sales calls or taking a trip to the airport, we’ve got you covered.

We want to build a business relationship with you. We’re scalable to your business, meaning that we can meet your needs as your company continues to grow!

Invest in Private Chauffeur Services for Your Company

Now that you have seen all of the benefits of hiring private chauffeur services for your company, it’s time to find the right brand to partner up with.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the differences between a driver and a chauffeur service.

For more inquiries, please begin by reaching out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

airport chauffeur

8 Reasons You Should Hire an Airport Chauffeur

Traveling in today’s world is both exciting and yet more stressful than ever. There are added pressures to stay safe both while in transit and with accommodations. Time is money and anything you do to save both is a win. Airline travel has changed dramatically in recent months as well. There is more time required to get through checkpoints while trying to stay safe. With all the extra demands and concerns added to your travel plans, there is one thing you can do to make life easier. You can hire an airport chauffeur!

Read on for 8 reasons to book an airport transport service for your next trip.

1. Cleanliness and Safety Concerns

When you call a taxi or a ride-sharing service you can never be sure how clean the vehicle will be or how concerned the driver is with your protection. And public transportation is out of the question.

With a professional airport chauffeur service, however, you can rest assured that the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for your safety. Extra precautionary measures are now implemented to protect all riders.

Your chauffeur also follows all safety protocols and guidelines to keep everyone at ease and comfortable.

2. Added Ease at the Airport

After a long flight, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is finding a taxi or other forms of transportation. Renting a car takes time along with mounds of paperwork to fill out. You are also never quite sure what kind of vehicle you will get.

Pre-booking an airport chauffeur allows you to choose the exact vehicle you want and know it will be available. This guarantees that as soon as you are ready to go, they are too. There is no hassle or delays in the drive from the airport to your final destination.

Online booking makes it even easier to plan your trip and create a travel experience with less stress and peace of mind.

3. Availability for Multiple Riders

A traditional taxi or ride-sharing vehicle will only hold so many passengers. What if your group is larger than that?

Whether you are traveling with extended family or a group from work, sometimes you need a larger vehicle. You definitely need everyone to stay together and arrive at the same time. If you are traveling with children, you can request special accommodations for them.

An airport transportation service offers an array of vehicles that allows for multiple riders. No one gets left behind and everyone gets to enjoy the same high-quality luxury experience.

If you are new to this type of comfort travel, there are tips to help you choose just the right vehicle.

4. On-Time Promise

Are you worried about missing your flight or having an extended wait time at security? Don’t risk a travel disaster by waiting until the last minute to find a taxi or ride-sharing service.

Booking an airport chauffeur transport for the drive to the airport gives you peace of mind that you will be on time.

The professional service shows up when they promise and delivers you in plenty of time to prepare for your flight. By planning ahead you know the driver will be ready when you are.

5. Your Airport Chauffeur Has Knowledge of the Best Routes

Even with the best of plans, things happen. Road construction is a constant concern and can show up anywhere. Accidents are unpredictable and can delay traffic for hours. You need someone who can navigate around these obstacles.

A professional chauffeur knows the best and quickest roads to take regardless of the situation. They can change their route at the drop of a hat and still get you where you need to be safely and with as little delay as possible.

6. Helpful Hints for Destination Travel

Going to a new place is a little intimidating. Where are the best restaurants? Is there a medical facility nearby? What about a grocery store or pharmacy?

There are always hidden treasures that never show up in travel brochures. Even if your trip is for business, you may still have time for a little sight-seeing and enjoying the local culture and cuisine.

You probably have an itinerary planned, but there are still other details to attend to. Your airport chauffeur is familiar with the area and ready to provide all the additional information you need to have an enjoyable and restful trip.

7. Comfort and Style

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you want to be comfortable.

Maybe you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few quiet minutes of the drive before the hustle of a meeting or the excitement of a trip. Or maybe you have some last-minute work to do or emails to answer.

Either way, the privacy and calm provided with a luxury transportation service give you the opportunity for all of the above. The driver will respect your need for quiet and will perform their duties without interrupting you.

The style and comfort of the vehicle itself will put you at ease so you can do as little or as much as needed before you exit the vehicle.

8. You Deserve It

You have worked hard to get where you are. There are just some perks you deserve.

The comfort and ease of a luxury chauffeur transportation service are just what you need to turn an ordinary business trip or last-minute getaway into a rich and satisfying experience.

Let the professionals provide top-notch service and immaculate attention to detail.

Consistent Performance

You demand consistency and quality of yourself. You should also expect it in the services you seek. Booking an airport chauffeur gives you peace of mind on many levels.

You can trust in their reliability, discretion, knowledge, and professionalism. You know the vehicles and the experience will be of the highest standards. You will feel protected knowing the best safety measures are in place.

We are 100% committed to your safety and satisfaction. Quality and service are what we stand for and we are ready to meet your transit needs. Reach out today and experience the best in luxury transportation.

chauffeur service

What Is the Difference Between a Driver and a Chauffeur Service?

Business travel changed in a dramatic fashion the past year. While businesses continue to adapt to a new travel landscape full of new risks and regulations, those traveling have many options available to them.

If you need ground transportation, you may wonder what the difference is between a driver and a chauffeur service. They do the same thing, right? They get you from point A to point B, so why bother with the details?

To travel in style and comfort, read on to learn the differences between a driver and a chauffeur.

Why Hire a Car Service or Personal Driver?

The main reasons people hire chauffeurs or drivers are the same. Often, business travelers are in a city they’re not familiar with, and a car service gets them to where they need to be without any trouble.

If that’s the case, why wouldn’t companies provide a transportation stipend for their workers to use ride-share apps or cabs? Some do. Though the success of using these services often depends on the city you’re in.

Cabs and ride-share are not available in all cities. Some major urban centers lack a taxi-cab or ride-share infrastructure suitable to your worker needs to meet with clients and navigate a city safely.

You can research all you want, but it’s hard to know where the blind spots in these driver services will be. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, service in many areas across the country is spotty at best.

Hiring a personal driver means safety. It means convenience. It means getting your worker where they need to be on time.

Driver vs. Chauffeur

Not all car services are the same. When considering a car service, consider what your transportation needs will be before you book.

There’s an old saying about brandy and cognac. All cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is cognac. The same is true for drivers and chauffeurs.

All chauffeurs are drivers, but not all drivers are chauffeurs. Though the terms are used interchangeably, they are not the same. Let’s talk more here about the main differences.


Drivers offer impersonal service designed to get you where you need to be and nothing more. They carry no specialized licensing or training other than that needed for a state driver’s license.

Drivers are not trained with any customer service specifications. Nor are they required to wear a uniform. If they drive for a ride-share service, their vehicles meet very basic requirements.

For these services, all a driver needs is a four-door vehicle that holds four passengers. Aside from not being rebuilt, salvaged,  and not older than 15 years, there are no other requirements.

Every trip in a driver’s car is a game of Russian Roulette. You could wind up in a smoker’s vehicle. Without any cleanliness requirements, the driver’s car might be filthy.

Even worse, you may be matched with an unsafe or aggressive driver.

This relaxed, impersonal service style might be fine for a quick trip across town. Vacationers and tourists often turn to drivers as a less expensive transportation method while in a strange city.

For important business trips, the lack of professional standards from drivers could be ruinous.


A chauffeur can only be classified as one after they receive specialized training and licensing from the company they work for.

In other words, a chauffeur doesn’t just drive a car. A chauffeur is a trained driver.

An hourly chauffeur offers an exceptional customer service experience. Do you need a cup of coffee en route to your morning meeting? Your chauffeur will get it for you.

Will you have dinner and a few drinks with an important client? Don’t worry about how you’ll get home. Your chauffeur will be there when you’re done with the car running.

Another huge difference between drivers and chauffeurs are the standards they must follow. As they are held accountable by the company they work for, their vehicles are always clean. They always drive with a defensive posture.

What’s the Right Vehicle for You?

Luxury car services offer their chauffeurs in many different types of vehicles. The great thing about hiring a chauffeur from a chauffeur service is the options available.

When you use a ride-share service to get a driver, you can never be sure what vehicle will pick you up. Do you want to show up for an important meeting in the back of a 15-year-old minivan? What impression does that create?

These services allow you to pick a vehicle that meets your specific needs. If you’re out on the town for a night of fun, a stretch limousine with an expert limo driver might be what you want.

If you plan on having many passengers, you can rent a refined luxury van or mini-bus. For many business travelers, a four-door luxury sedan is all that’s necessary.

With any of these vehicles, you’ll receive the personalized and discreet services only a chauffeur provides.

Book Ahead of Time

A hotel or airport concierge will be a resourceful tool for finding a driver or a cab service. Why depend on them if you don’t need to?

Why wait at an airport cab stand or ride-share post for a driver who may be half an hour away?

One of the ways chauffeurs and chauffeur services differ from drivers is that you can book them ahead of time. You can guarantee a warm, safe car as soon as you land. Your chauffeur will wait for you inside the airport and handle your luggage.

Book a Chauffeur Service

Drivers are suitable for many travelers. They are a cost-effective way if you need to get from point to point in a city. They do have their drawbacks.

Lacking professionalism and service standards, drivers are not ideal for your business travel. If you’re looking for a safe and exceptional customer service experience, book with a chauffeur service.

Are you ready to drive in style? Contact us today to reserve a vehicle driven by one of our chauffeurs for your next trip.

car service

Choosing the Right Vehicle From A Luxury Car Service

Are you looking for a luxury car to take on your business trip? Do you have a VIP that you need to pick up at the airport or another location? If so, then you will want to pick the perfect luxury car service for your/their needs.

Doing so can heighten the entire experience. Rather than leaving the VIP to use a taxi or hail ride car service, you’ll be giving them a smooth and enjoyable ride. All it takes is finding the right luxury car.

See below for several pointers and tricks that you can use to determine the type of luxury car that you need to reserve.

1. How Many Passengers Do You Have?

There are two questions in regards to this topic: 1) how many passengers do you have in your party and 2) does the luxury car service have a vehicle in their fleet that can accommodate it?

Before you make any reservations, make sure to get a firm headcount. No “maybe’s”, no “possibly’s”, simply a “yes” or “no” on whether that person will be able to make the trip.

You can use this headcount to specify your search. It might even filter out some options for you naturally. For example, if you have 5 to 7 people coming, you’ll want to find a car service with a vehicle fleet that can help you find that “sweet spot”.

They can offer you an option where you have all of the room and seats you need for your party without having to overpay on seats and size that you don’t need.

Some people rent a car that’s a size up so that they can ensure any late reservations can be accommodated. Others like to reserve the exact amount and provide additional luxury cars if needed. No matter which route you decide to take, your luxury car service will be happy to accommodate.

2. What Will the Car Be Used For?

This is a key indicator of the car that you need. What reasoning do you have for renting out a luxury car in the first place?

For example, it could be used to escort VIPs to your place of business for a very important meeting. It could be used to transport your top clients to a business seminar. It could also be used for business trips, wedding parties, corporate events, and so much more.

The purpose of transportation will help fit the tone of the situation. For example, if you’re wanting to impress a VIP on their way to a business meeting, then the professional chauffeur can ensure a smooth ride and that your VIP shows up with a smile on their face.

The best part is that you can choose the type of car to match the situation. So if you’re trying to impress a VIP, picking them up in a Mercedez-Benz should do the trick!

No matter what the occasion, a luxury car service will be happy to help. Simply tell them what you need from them and they’ll create the perfect transportation experience.

3. What’s the Price?

You should never have to pay an enormous price to rent from a high-quality car pickup service. However, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. The car service might have an aging fleet that poorly represents your company’s quality and standards. They might also be using drivers that aren’t properly certified or lack the experience that you need. 

Instead, make sure that you’re getting a high return on your investment. Do they have chauffeurs that are properly trained? How long has the company been in business? What makes and models of vehicles do they offer? Do they have the car size that you need?

It all plays a factor. Make sure to get a documented quote from any car service that you speak to. Only the reputable ones are willing to put their offers to print.

4. What Are the Benefits of This Car?

It’s a fair question. You aren’t the expert on the make and model of cars, they are. No one knows their fleet better.

Be sure to ask questions about each specific make, model, and size that you’re considering. Do they have customers hat use those cars often? Why are their customers attracted to that specific brand?

This will help you have more confidence as you rent the car out. You want to ensure the car will give your VIPs the preferred riding experience that they deserve.

5. Which Car Do They Recommend?

Perhaps you’re stuck. You want to make sure that your VIP gets a phenomenal experience, but you don’t want to go overboard.

If that’s the case, then why not leave it to the expert? Which car would they recommend that you rent out for the occasion? For example, if the car is meant to take them from the airport to your business office, you might enjoy a Mercedez-Benz its highly classy, yet subtle, luxury features.

Make sure to ask them for their opinion. Let them know what you’re trying to achieve with this rental and they will be happy to help you further!

Find the Best Car from a Luxury Car Service for Your Needs

Now that you have seen several amazing benefits of hiring a car service and finding the perfect vehicle for your needs, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

If this is your first time renting from a luxury airport transfer service, be sure to read this article for more information.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

From 1 July: staying 1.5 metres apart remains the norm

COVID-19 update 24-06-2020 tackling coronavirus

From 1 July: staying 1.5 metres apart remains the norm

We can now take another step forward in our approach to tackling coronavirus. A new phase is beginning and we are moving from an intelligent lockdown to less restrictive rules. General rules still apply, because coronavirus has not gone away.

We have come this far because people have followed the basic rules, which will continue to apply:

  • If you have symptoms, get tested as soon as possible and stay at home.
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Work from home if possible.
  • Avoid busy places and travel outside peak hours if possible.

This approach is working. The peak of infections is now behind us, and we have the virus under control. We are now able to offer widespread testing and conduct intensive source and contact tracing. As a result, we are capable of taking targeted action when flare-ups occur and preventing the further spread of the virus.

Keep your distance: give others enough space

It is now vital that we remain alert and vigilant. Anyone who has symptoms should get tested and stay at home. That is the only way to keep the freedom we have all worked hard to regain. From 1 July the following general rules will apply. The rules are based on what we now know about how the virus spreads.

General rules indoors

  • Stay 1.5 metres away from others.
  • The maximum number of people in one space is limited to 100 (not counting staff). Everyone must have their own seat.
  • No maximum number of people applies if they have their own seat, have made reservations and have undergone a pre-entry health check.
  • In shops, museums, libraries and other settings where visitors move through the space, the rule is that people must stay 1.5 metres apart. It is up to locations to make sure people follow this rule. Here, no maximum number of people applies.

General rules outdoors

  • Stay 1.5 metres away from others.
  • No more than 250 people (not counting staff) can be present.
    • In outdoor seating areas at restaurants, cafés and bars guests must have their own seat.
  • No maximum number of people applies if they have their own seat, have made reservations and have undergone a pre-entry health check.
  • At zoos, theme parks and other outdoor locations where visitors move through the space, the rule is that people must stay 1.5 metres apart. It is up to locations to make sure people follow this rule. Here, no maximum number of people applies.


  • Non-medical face masks must be worn on public transport. Passengers can now use all seats on buses, trains, trams and metros. However, it is still important to avoid peak hours.
  • For other shared forms of transport, such as taxis, passenger vans and coaches, passengers must reserve and must undergo a pre-travel health check. Non-medical face masks must also be worn.
  • People travelling in a car or other private vehicle are advised to wear non-medical face masks if there are 2 or more people in the vehicle who belong to different households.
  • For now, on other forms of transport the rule is: stay 1.5 metres apart.

Children and young people

  • Children aged 12 and under do not have to stay 1.5 metres away from other children or adults. This also applies in childcare and primary school settings.
  • Teenagers aged 17 and under do not have to stay 1.5 metres away from others under 18. This also applies in secondary schools to pupils of all ages. Secondary schools will re-open fully after the summer holidays. Students and staff must still stay 1.5 metres apart.
  • From the start of the new academic year, more on-site educational activities can take place at schools for secondary vocational education (MBO) and higher education institutions (universities and HBO). Everyone in these settings must stay 1.5 metres apart.


  • The general rule is that everyone must stay 1.5 metres apart. However, in some situations this is not possible and the rule can be relaxed as necessary. This applies to the following activities and roles:
    • Contact between people who require care or assistance and those providing this.
    • People in contact-based roles (such as hairdressers, masseurs and driving instructors).
    • Athletes (both indoor and outdoor sports), actors and dancers.
  • Loud group singing or group shouting is not permitted. Neither is group chanting.
    • Choirs, singing groups and singers can start rehearsing and performing again, subject to certain conditions. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) will issue guidance on this very soon.
  • Nightclubs and similar venues will remain closed until 1 September.

Some final points

The situation will be re-assessed around 1 September. If the virus is still under control and circumstances allow, nightclubs and similar venues will be allowed to re-open. Experts around the world are currently working to develop coronavirus medicines and vaccines. Eventually, this should make it possible to lift the general rules, such as the 1.5 metre rule. However, as long as the virus remains among us, we will have to continue following these general rules. We must keep going. Together, we’ll keep corona under control.

airport transfer services

7 Tips for Choosing Luxury Airport Transfer Services for Beginners

Heading to a new location? Sounds fun. Then again, maybe it doesn’t. Trips can be enjoyable, but getting there is another story — especially with a group. Many people agree that the most frustrating aspect of a trip is the transfers. You sit around idle until the next plan comes. You might feel unrested and hungry. Since you’re not solo, there is also the stress of keeping your eyes on the group at all times. This is a true story for dozens. Still, business trips should feel comfortable the entire way. There are airport transfer services that can help achieve this.

In order to find the right services, consider these tips before you book your next trip.

Tips For Picking Airport Transfer Services

The airport is a high traffic location no matter where you go in the world. In America, there are over a billion domestic and international travelers. In Europe, it is the same. Whether you are going on a trip alone or with others, the goal is to get there safely and on time.

Going on a personal or business trip to another destination is quite a journey. You should be able to enjoy those moments and be comfortable too. Not any airline will do. You must pick the right one if you don’t want a negative experience. The same also goes for airport transfer options.

Don’t Wait: Search, Seek, and Question

Procrastination may be what ruins your business trip if you book at the last minute. You should take the time to plan ahead for transfer services needed on any trip. Once you are certain of your travel dates, make a list and refine that list based on what you seek.

If you aren’t sure about what you need, ask questions. This is the best way you can determine to be in favor of a service or to rule it out. If this isn’t done in advance, you may choose anything because you’re rushing. This is never good.

Look up Their Reputation

Once you narrow down 3-5 services that you like, take a look into each company. You can search for reviews online or locate information about a good transfer company. This way, you can objectively verify the legitimacy and provisions that are (or aren’t) offered.

Consider Your Travel Companions

If you are traveling with your family or a business group, you would probably prefer complete privacy. If you are with 2-4 people you can take advantage of riding in a sedan with a private driver waiting for you.

If you are with a larger group, it is especially important to stick together. Larger vehicles, limousine, and motor coaches are available. This service is perfect for corporate travel and offers VIP and executive transport for any size.

Everyone Needs Space

Having the space to fit every person is vital. Having space to comfortably fit there along with the luggage is just as important. The right transfer service will be able to work with you to find the right vehicle for you.

No matter how big or small your group is, there should never be an issue with having enough space to breathe and put belongings. Have you ever traveled too tight before? It’s not pleasant for the nose or the muscles.

Excellent Services

The time it takes to get from one place to another may be long so entertainment is ideal. You may want a service that offers WiFi to its passengers on board. If you wish to keep certain foods or beverages chilled, there are cars that have fridges installed too.

There are times you also want to pick someone else rather than yourself. For example, executive services differ from typical transport services. Rather than tell your important client(s) to catch a taxi, you are picking them up. This deed can do wonders for helping build and maintain a positive relationship.

Synchronizes With Your Schedule

There is nothing worse than going for a service that does not fit your business trip schedule. It would be a waste of both time and money. You must be certain a transfer service is able to pick you up from point A to point B.

You have to know if they operate on certain dates and holidays too. You could also be traveling during a busy time of the year where services are filled or may get filled quickly. You can find out if a service works with your schedule by starting a quote.

It’s About Budget Too

Spending money on a service that has what you need is worth it. A good company offers their service at a fair and reasonable price while protecting its value, quality, and performance.

The best service takes your requirements into consideration and works to find you the best price. Once you are given a customized package, you will be able to get discounts that are often cheaper than general transportation service rates.

Get to Your Destination the Right Way

Your journey to your destination can be a comfortable one with class. You can also give these qualities to your clients or relatives who travel nationally or internationally.

Contact us for airport transfer services you need. We will find the right package for you. Our team will respond accordingly to your e-mail, call, or online submission form. There are flexible payment methods and hourly services offered to our customers.

Whether you use our service once or time and time again, we are certain to make your transfer the best experience one possible.

COVID-19 precautionary measures

DMC-Limousines Global precautionary measures against COVID-19 Due to increased concerns for safety brought on by the COVID-19 virus

As questions and concerns arise as a result of COVID-19, please be informed that the health and safety of our customers, passengers and partners is our top priority.

Therefore, DMC Limousines has implemented all precautionary measures to provide the highest level of protection and taken the following steps to proactively safeguard our operations.

Please note that this information will be updated frequently via this page, based on the information received from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment RIVM. Follow this link for the latest general information in the Netherlands

What we are doing to protect our passengers

Our (luxury) sedans, vans and minibuses are cleaned and sanitised  between each ride, paying particular attention to:

  • door handles,
  • seat belts,
  • armrests,
  • trunk door handle,
  • interior door panels,
  • seats,
  • lights and climate control buttons,
  • A/V buttons,
  • ventilation buttons and openings,
  • touchscreens,
  • window buttons.

A thorough cleaning of each vehicle’s interior and exterior is conducted daily. All interior surfaces in the vehicles are wiped down and sprayed using a disinfecting spray and sanitizing wipes. Our vehicles are sanitized every day after the service with an ozone generator which kills germs by breaking them down on a molecular level. A bottle of hand disinfectant is kept in each vehicle and is available on request.

We have removed all printed and reading materials from the backseat pockets of each vehicle. In addition, all amenities such as candy, mints and beverages have been temporarily removed, unless requested. Sealed water is still available upon request. 

Medical face masks are required for all passengers and chauffeur, and will be offered to our passengers if they do not have one.

Of course, our team will make every effort to keep the same chauffeur in the same vehicle as much as possible to avoid multiple unnecessary contact. 

Note that the capacity of each vehicle is capped to new temporary standards, please contact our office (via or by the phone at +31 202 402 300 or +1 (646) 918-1439 ) to get the latest information with the current protocols in the Netherlands.

What we are doing to protect our chauffeurs

As a precautionary measure, all our chauffeurs are wearing medical face masks and gloves when they have to take care of your luggage. Chauffeurs will not shaking hands.

Before every ride, all our chauffeurs are closely monitored and strongly advised not to report for work if they notice any symptoms of illness.

As per our usual service standard, our chauffeurs will open the vehicle doors for the customers, but will hold a 6 foot distance.

We require that the sharing of all physical materials between our customers and chauffeurs is limited.

We strongly advise a safe distance of minimum 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) between our chauffeurs and our customers wherever possible. Our guests are required to sit in the back seat to keep a safer distance. The front seat next to the chauffeur is not allowed to use.

Our chauffeurs will dispose of the gloves used between each ride to avoid cross-contamination.

After each service, our chauffeurs will disinfect the entire passenger cabin.

What we are doing to protect our vehicles

Prior to starting their work day, our staff disinfects commonly contracted areas from the previous chauffeur, including:

  • driver’s door handle,
  • a steering wheel,
  • a vehicle start button,
  • a touchscreen, 
  • a trunk door handle, 
  • an arm rest, 
  • windows and window buttons,
  • a cooler.

Prior to the first ride of the day, our chauffeurs will disinfect high-traffic areas of the vehicle, including: door handles, touchscreens, window buttons, climate control buttons, A/V buttons, interior door panels, seats, seat belts and arm rests.

All our vehicles are sanitized with ozone after each service every day.

What we are doing to protect our partners

All our contracted chauffeurs are closely monitored and strongly advised not to report for work if they notice any symptoms of illness.

Bookings and cancellations

We are happy to help all our customers to book, amend or cancel the booking quickly, easily and free of charge.

Our reservation and dispatch teams are ready to assist, so simply contact us by telephone at +31 202 402 300 or +1 (646) 918-1439, or send us an email at

For more questions or details about our measures and procedures regarding the coronavirus pandemic, we remain at your disposal.

Book our service with confidence

Even during the best of times, we know that plans can change.

If your travel plans change, please remember that you can rely on us for safe short- and long-distance travel wherever possible. Our chauffeurs are known for their ability to offer you peace of mind and tranquility.

Wherever and whenever you are traveling, DMC Limousines will continue to provide you with safe and reliable ground transportation.

What prevention measures should you take against COVID-19 while traveling?

DMC Limousines kindly suggests that the customers practice the following measures while travelling:

  • Sanitize your hands before and after a ride 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Cough into the bend of your elbow
  • Always wear a face mask if you are sick, or suffering from frequent coughing or sneezing
  • In case you are experiencing difficulty in breathing or rise in body temperature, consult a doctor
  • Maintain a safe distance of minimum three feet (or one metre) from everyone, regardless of whether they are exhibiting symptoms or not
  • Wash your hands often with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and immediately place the tissue in the trash
  • Clean and disinfect frequently-touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe

Additionally, all the latest information on prevention and travel safety can be found on the World Health Organization(WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) websites. 

Regarding the international air travel, you can find useful updates by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Regarding the European travel, you can find useful updates by the official website of the European Union Mobility and Transport.

Future updates

After introducing the above measures, in line with official local guidance, we would like to assure you that it is business as usual within our company. However, as this is a rapidly changing situation, we will continue to closely monitor developments and will provide you with updates as required.

For the Netherlands this information will be updated with any update received from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment RIVM follow this link for the latest update

We take our duty of care toward our partners and passengers very seriously. We instruct all our staff to continue the strict implementation of our internal safety procedures and additional limousine hygiene measures.

Current international travel conditions in Europe

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many countries have closed their borders to private passenger traffic. Because of the increasing restrictions and difficulties at the moment, cross-border transportation has been greatly affected. It is also highly likely additional restrictions will be imposed in the future. These limitations concern both international and domestic travel.

We strongly advise our customers to double-check their travel plans as we cannot provide cross-border transfers due to closed borders. Check the latest information here via the official website Netherlands worldwide. All you need to know about living, working, travelling and doing business abroad.

As we comply with local rules, we watch closely, receive daily information on these measures and act accordingly.

Any new piece of information would be gladly shared with our customers.

Our hints and recommendations

As we have been through some of these travel situations in the previous years (SARS, MERS), here is our recommendation to all of our leisure and business passengers.

Consider using a chauffeured vehicle for your meetings or trips as public transportation increases the risk of acquiring Covid-19.

Be exposed to one person – our chauffeur who has ensured that your vehicle has been disinfected and sanitized, instead of being exposed to large crowds.

Don’t miss face-to-face meetings. As business people, we understand nothing seals the deal or gets the important company message across like a face-to-face meeting.

Just in case needed, consider long distance transfers across the border (where possible), we will be happy to offer a reliable and safe transportation at most effective costs to have your chauffeur on your side.

We understand and are eager to assist you.

Stay safe and healthy and thank you for trusting us with your consideration have a safe reliable transportation.

Team DMC Limousines

Amsterdam Netherlands


DMC Limousines transports all those, for whom style and class are a way of life. This transportation can be either incidental or on a contractual basis and is often used as an economically attractive alternative to having a permanent driver, to transport yourself or your executives.

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