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6 Reasons to Hire Executive Car Transport for Your Corporate Events

Holiday parties and corporate events can be a lot of fun. You get to build strong connections with your colleagues and get together to enjoy an evening of good food and drinks. 

Research suggests that people tend to engage in risk-taking behavior during the holidays. This risk-taking behavior results in more accidents and injuries.  The most common holiday injuries tend to be booze-related.

If you are serving alcohol at your corporate event, you should consider getting an executive car. With an executive car, you can protect your company while keeping your employees are safe and appreciated during a work event.

Keep on reading for more benefits of using a transport service.

1. Show Appreciation

Your employees are the backbone of your company’s success. Appreciated employees tend to be more hardworking and motivated. Employee appreciation and recognition matter more than you think.

The more you appreciate employees, the higher their job satisfaction, happiness, and morale. Employees that are appreciated are also more loyal, productive, and engaged. Unfortunately, when you are busy, it’s hard to remember to show appreciation.

This is where a corporate event comes in. While it may be mandatory for your employees to attend, you want to show them that they are important. A simple way to show appreciation is by booking an executive car.

Booking a transport service makes the whole event seem special. Rather than just another work event that takes away employees’ free time, you can make it a special event to remember. It’s an easy way to tell your employees that they did a good job and they can relax while enjoying the corporate event with their colleagues.

2. Increased Safety

According to the European Commission, 25% of road deaths across the EU are alcohol-related. Around 6,500 deaths can be prevented if people didn’t drink and drive.  The reality is that Europe is one of the heaviest drinking regions in the world.

You can either choose to have an event without alcohol or take measures to ensure that your employees are safe. A corporate event without alcohol is going to result in reduced attendance or unhappy employees.

An easier way to show support for your employees while keeping them safe is to hire corporate transport services. Your employees will not have to worry about a designated driver or make any bad decisions after the corporate event. They can simply relax and enjoy themselves while knowing that they will be safe.

3. Convenience

You can have many different types of corporate events like conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, golf events, and team-building exercises. You don’t want your employees to be restricted from attending because of the location. If they are busy working and have to head directly to an event, having transport services waiting for them is convenient and relaxing.

Your employees and executives can simply sit back and enjoy the trip. They can have stress-free conversations with their colleagues without having to worry about traffic, arriving late or bad weather. If they are working on the same project, they can also have internal discussions and finish up some last-minute work on the go.

If your employees are working long hours, something as simple as convenient transportation can make all the difference. It can put them in a positive mindset and get them ready to enjoy the corporate event. 

4. All-Round Service

Luxury transport offers all-round service including a variety of luxury vehicles,  entertainment while on the road, stress-free conversations, and a reliable trained chauffeur. Most luxury transport services are available 24/7 so they will be at your service no matter the time.

An executive car offers transportation in style and class. It’s more convenient and cheaper than getting a permanent driver to transport you and your executives. With the right company, you can also get packages when you choose to book multiple cars for an event.

When you rent an executive car, you pay a single fee. In most cases, you don’t have to worry about parking, toll fees, and fuel costs. Make sure you confirm with the company so you don’t encounter any unexpected fees.

5. No Parking Issues

Parking in a downtown location is a nightmare. One of the main reasons for getting delayed between meetings is because you are trying to find a parking spot. Not only that, but you will also end up paying a premium in parking fees just to park close to the corporate event.

If you are considering reimbursing the parking costs, you may as well consider getting luxury transport for your employees. It’s safer for your employees, convenient and you don’t have to worry about parking issues. Rather than spending 20 minutes trying to find parking, you can start your corporate event on time without issues. 

6. Better than Carpooling

Another benefit of luxury transport is that you can have all your colleagues travel together. Rather than drive there in separate cars and taxis, you can arrange for transport services for them in groups. Not only will they get to spend time together and bond, but you will also save the environment by carpooling.

You want to show support for your employees, but you also want to make sure that you follow the values of your company. Going green is a goal that most companies are striving towards. Getting luxury transport can be seen as one way towards meeting your green goals and improving your reputation.

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An executive car is safe, reliable, and convenient. It shows your employees that you appreciate them. It’s a simple gesture that can go a long way towards making your corporate event successful.

Are you looking for an executive car for your corporate event? Simply fill out this form online with the address, date of the event, and the number of passengers. You can get rates online instantly to help you turn your corporate event into a fun and safe gathering for your employees. 


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