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At DMC Limousines we are 100% committed to customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with an impeccable executive car service which focuses on: These three key elements are at the heart of our company. Not only does this create enhanced performance, but allows us to meet your specific requirements, providing you with an outstanding service which we believe you will find second to none. We are passenger transfer specialists covering all major Dutch airports, either with our own fleet or over 50 executive Mercedes vehicles or using our approved service partners.


Who are DMC Limousines?
DMC Limousines | Global VIP & Executive transportation, transports all those, for whom style and class are a way of life. This transportation can be either incidental or on a contractual basis and is often used as an economically attractive alternative to having a permanent driver, to transport yourself or your executives.
How do I make a booking?
You can make a booking via our online booking form, via e-mail or call on +31 202 402 300 our dedicated team will be ready to assist.
How do I pay?
The vast majority of DMC Limousines clients pay via Invoice. If you do not have an account please contact sales at who would be delighted to open an account for you or create your account here
Can I see if my car is on its way?
Using our online booking tool, you can see when your vehicle is on its way. You will also receive a text message and you will get status updates via e-mail in real time.
Is it possible to cancel a car once ordered?
Yes, via our online booking tool you can click on “cancel”. If there are any issues please contact our reservations team at or call us directly at +31 202 402 300.
How do I get an expenses receipt?
DMC Limousines will provide you with a full VAT invoice which will be emailed to you after completion of the ride and payments were processed. Corporate clients will receive a monthly invoice with agreed terms.
Are there any additional costs for lifts to/from the airport?
Parking is charged at cost at all airports. If you’ve booked your service including Meet & Greet inside or alternatively a curbside pick-up, all our quotes will be inclusive these costs. Additional parking charges maybe applicable if you require extra waiting time. Parking en route will be charged 100% if they occur.
Do you have a customer service number?
Yes, our dedicated customer service team will be happy to help on +31 202 402 300 or email Our lines are 24/7 open after office hours only for urgent needs
Can I request a specific chauffeur?
Yes, you can request a specific chauffeur but we cannot guarantee that this chauffeur will be assigned, because chauffeurs do work different shifts, but if the requested chauffeur is available then of course at DMC Limousines | VIP & Executive transportation, we are more than happy to oblige.
What to do if I can’t find my chauffeur or a car is late?
We always send your chauffeur details 24 hours before the booking. If you can’t find your chauffeur, please call operations immediately at +31 202 402 300 24/7/365 Our operator will connect you with the chauffeur. In case a car is late, via GPS tracking our operators will be able to locate your car to swiftly reassure you and/or make corrective actions swiftly.
What happens if I leave something in a vehicle?
Please contact our customer services team on +31 202 402 300 or email We will register any items left behind in the car to return it back to the owner.


How much luggage can I take in a car with me?
This is totally dependant on the size of the vehicle and how many passengers are travelling. In case you have doubts, please contact us at or call +31 202 402 300
Why do you need the flight number when picking up from airports?
It is essential to provide us with your flight number at the time of booking as this allows us to monitor the relevant live flight information and amend the pick-up time accordingly to ensure that we meet you when your flight lands. If you wish to put additional time after arrival time you can simply put the extra needed time in the notes so we will ad this extra to your booking to ensure you are picked up later.
What should I do if my flight is landing later?
Because you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking then we will be able to track the flight and adjust the pickup time in case of any delays. We guarantee our chauffeurs will be there once you have arrived.
Where will my driver meet me?
At most airports the driver will be waiting at the barrier in the arrivals hall after you clear customs and have collected any bags. However this depends on the airport you are travelling into so be sure to check your DMC SMS confirmations for your specific pick up point and joining instructions.
Do you charge waiting time at airports?
The booking includes 30 minutes waiting time for European (domestic) flights, for oversea flight we have 60 minutes of grace waiting time. As above if you feel you need more time to freshen up after your flight or just need a little more time this can be requested within your booking. After the free period waiting time is charged per minute accordingly.
Why do I have to pay for parking at the airport?
At almost Airport parking or Airport fees applies. These costs will be included in the transfer rate. At AMS Schiphol Airport, our chauffeurs will park their cars at the A-Lane (next to the TAXI stand) and will be waiting at the exit after customs of the estimated baggage claim. From any baggage claim it will just be 1 minute back to the car.


Are you able to collect me from a public event?
Due to potential road closures and traffic restrictions that are often put in place during large public events, we may advise of a specific pick-up location and advise that you communicate with your driver directly for ease of pick-up.
Are your vehicles equipped to carry wheelchairs and how can these be booked?
Yes. DMC Limousines can provide wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) on request. It is advisable to pre-book a WAV as these vehicles are available in much lower numbers and while every effort is made to supply a WAV on demand, these cannot always be guaranteed.
Can I book a job with multiple pickup/drop off addresses?
Yes, you are able to book multi drop bookings in advance. In case you are looking for a chauffeur service at disposal with multiple stops (roadshow / financial roadshow), please contact us at and provide us the itinerary including waiting time at stops to get you a detailed quote.
Can I have multiple pick-ups/drop offs on my journey?
Yes. If these are not requested at the point of booking then these additional stops / deviations will be charged accordingly.
Can I keep a driver all day?
Depending on availability, it is possible to book your journey “as directed”. The booking will be charged at an hourly rate that will include a number of kilometers or miles within the hourly rate. Please contact us at for more information.
Can I make a booking if I don’t know my destination?
Yes, but if these are not requested at the point of booking then these additional stops / deviations will be charged accordingly. DMC Limousines will accept “as directed” bookings in advance but it would help our planning to know where your final destination is (city)
Can I pre-book a car in advance?
Yes, we prefer to have bookings at least 24 hours before, to confirm availability. We are happy to accept pre-bookings up to more than 3 months in advance to secure your transportation.
Do I need to tip the driver?
No, DMC Limousines do not mandate any kind of gratuity. You are of course welcome to tip our chauffeurs in the car if you feel they have provided service meeting or even exceeding your expectations of additional reward.
Do you need a mobile number in order to make a booking?
We highly recommend the provision of a mobile number to avoid any possible confusion around the pick-up. In Case of Airport pick-ups it is highly recommended to have a mobile phone to have a hassle free pick-up. In case you are not willing to share a mobile number of the passenger, please provide us any alternative contact number in case of urgent needs.
How accurate are your estimated journey times?
Booking times are based on Google maps journey calculation. These times are still estimates so please leave some contingency time if your arrival at destination is time critical.

Work with us

In what areas are you operating in The Netherlands?
DMC Limousines is available in any major city in the Netherlands but our main business is in Amsterdam, Rotterdam & the Hague. Please feel free to reach-out at partners@dmc-limousines and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities we have.
What documents do I need?
Valid NL Driver’s License. KIWA registration License. Clean background check.
Can I allow anyone else to drive the car?
No – The car is insured in your name and you are the sole person who can drive the car.
When can I work?
You are welcome to work whenever you want. You must follow by mandatory our PAX Certified Chauffeur training including the weekly repeating exercise.
Can I join with my won car?
Yes you can! It must be no older than 5 years old and you will be required to bring in all of your documents to be checked, including insurance policies with extra liability coverages.


DMC Limousines transports all those, for whom style and class are a way of life. This transportation can be either incidental or on a contractual basis and is often used as an economically attractive alternative to having a permanent driver, to transport yourself or your executives.

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