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7 Tips for Choosing Luxury Black Car Service for Corporate Travel

In the world of business, first impressions mean everything. From your suit to choosing a luxury black car service, you want to show style and class.

The next time you have a business trip, use these tips to pick the right vehicle. Comfort and class produce an image that others want to follow.

1. Know Your Budget

Renting a luxury vehicle over a standard rental from an airport will be much more expensive. Within the luxury category, prices will vary from a Mercedes to a Porsche. 

Conduct your own research and compare prices. Examine each company and ask about hidden fees or extra perks. Do you get a driver with your rental? If you rent a limousine, what extra features are included in the cost?

Ultimately, you should understand that the comfort and style will produce a higher price tag for your bottom line. 

2. What Does the Vehicle Say?

What kind of message is your luxury car sending about the company? A limousine or Range Rover might convey to people that your business is doing well. Renting a Lamborghini might show potential business partners that you’re irresponsible.

Depending on your business, the color and type of vehicle should match your mission and goals. 

For example, an accounting firm wouldn’t want to rent a bright pink convertible for corporate travel. A social media influencer with millions of teenage followers would fare well with a bright-colored flashy car. 

Both of these entities have business objectives and require travel, but their vehicles must match their visions.

3. Cut to the Chase

When you start speaking with a reputable luxury vehicle company, make sure you cut to the chase and provide a list of everything you need. A list makes it easier for the company to run through their inventory to match what you want.

You don’t have to explain your choices or justify any demands. If rental management cannot provide exactly what’s on your list of needs, then ask about alternative solutions.

Imagine you are trying to secure a luxury vehicle to pick up an important executive. The executive enjoys having chilled drinks in the back of a limousine, but the company cannot provide a vehicle with refrigeration. Ask management if they can buy cold drink options just before they get the executive.

Remember, this is your reputation and the right vehicle will help uphold that image.

4. Who Is Driving?

Do you want a driver or a chauffeur for your corporate affairs? Knowing the difference between the two can make or break a business trip.


Anyone can be a driver. The rise of Uber and Lyft has shown that anyone with a driver’s license can become qualified to shuttle people around. 

Unfortunately, there have been too many legal and social problems with the drivers of these services. There’s no real vetting of credentials other than a simple background check. 

When a company promotes its drivers, ask about their experience as professional drivers or clean driving records.


A chauffeur brings a whole new level of class and professionalism to the business world.

Chauffeurs have extensive experience driving executives, VIPs, celebrities, and political dignitaries. They understand the conditions, timing, and layout of the city and roads.

When you have a chauffeur, you can expect to be cared for and listened to by a professional who can anticipate your needs.

5. Inspect the Fleet of a Luxury Black Car Service

If time permits, always inspect the vehicle fleet in person. Photographers can do wonders with editing software; they can make old run-down vehicles look brand new.

Don’t end up in a nightmare scenario where you rent a luxury car without inspecting the fleet. Nothing would be worse than a dirty and broken down car arriving to transport VIPs. 

While you’re going over the cars in person, ask for a test drive. A Mercedes might look great but handle really rough. Test the brakes, acceleration, handling, and turning. 

6. Referrals and Reputation

You want to rent from a luxury vehicle company that has an excellent reputation. Having a good reputation doesn’t mean they are perfect, but it means they will make things right if something wrong happens.

Referrals from other organizations will help put your mind at ease. You can also call the company you’re thinking of using and ask for a list of references of satisfied customers. 

Another method of figuring out if you want to explore using a rental company is by looking at reviews. 

Reviews offer a plethora of opinions and experiences. Too many negative reviews don’t always reflect the service, but you should raise constructive questions. A majority of positive reviews doesn’t mean the company is perfect.

Do your own research and digging to find out if the company has an excellent reputation and proper credentials.

7. Shop Around

You can’t guarantee amazing service or affordable pricing without shopping around for different options. 

Call and see if a company can provide packages or services at a lower rate for repeat business. Additionally, see if they have specials or lower fares for slower business times.

The luxury rental company might offer extra perks or benefits if they know you are shopping around for other service providers. Use their need for business to leverage a better deal. 

After you find the right luxury service and vehicle, see if they are willing to exchange a review for future credit. Customer satisfaction can lead to a strong business relationship that benefits both parties for years to come.

Travel in Luxury

Your business needs to show uniformity and brand with the vehicles used for corporate travel. Make a lasting impression with vendors and clients alike.

If you’re choosing a luxury black car service, follow these tips to protect your image and travel in comfort.

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