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Why You Should Book a Private Tour for Your Next Corporate Event

Are you looking for ways to elevate the next event that you throw for your VIPs? Do you want to take your next employee reward program event into the stratosphere? If so, then you need to book a private tour to guide you all around to your next event.

There’s no denying the luxury that a chauffeur service can offer you and your party. You can reserve a limousine to set the tone for your day/night of camaraderie and morale-building.

See below for an in-depth guide listing all of the reasons that you should book a private tour for your next corporate event. 

1. A Variety of Awesome Venues

The Netherlands is a majestic location to visit on your own, but wouldn’t you want an expert there to guide you along the way? That way, you have someone to take you to the best spots in the area?

For example, let’s say that you wish to visit a small village that perfectly encapsulates what The Netherlands is all about. If so, then you should book our private tour to Giethoorn, a jaw-dropping village comprised of small peat islands connected by 170 bridges—and counting!

We have a variety of private tours to offer you and your guests. We can offer you private tours to visit places like Madurodam, the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, the Kroller-Muller Museum, Zaanse Schans, Keukenhof, and the aforementioned Giethoorn.

In short, we know all of the spots that will enhance your traveling experience. We can give you a breakdown of every spot and the thrill that they can offer you.

As an example, the Kroller-Muller Museum is an incredible spot for corporate events, as it features the second-largest collection of Van Gogh pieces. At last check, it featured over 90 of his paintings and over 180 of his drawings. Those numbers will only continue to climb with time!

2. You Control the Day

There’s no denying how fun it can be to simply pack up your items, get on a plane, and then roam through the different cities and attractions in The Netherlands on your own. However, taking public transportation might dampen the experience if you sit beside the wrong person.

Not to mention that those payments for transportation to and from can add up quickly. For close to the same cost, you could arrange for a private tour.

With a private tour, you’re in the driver’s seat (pun intended). You control almost everything that happens on the way. If you want to rent a limousine, the chauffeur service can accommodate you. You can schedule all of the spots you wish to hit during your trip. If you have a last-minute alteration you’d like to make to the itinerary, we can accommodate that as well.

You and your corporate party aren’t at the mercy of anyone else. This can help you ensure that all your VIPs are having a blast. You can get a list of all the destinations your guests wish to hit, then work with the private tour chauffeur to ensure that you hit them all.

3. Year-Round Transportation

Did you know that some forms of public transportation are only available during certain seasons? If you and your corporate party take your trip when it’s out of season, then public transportation won’t be an option for you.

Fortunately, a private tour service, such as DMC Limousines, is there whenever you need us. You can schedule a trip around your company’s busy schedule with full peace of mind. 

This is especially vital for corporate events since you’re scheduling your trip around the availability of different employees, business owners, etc. We can even help you determine the best times to take your trip, depending on when everyone is available.

Ultimately, we want to help you have the best experience possible. We’ll use our knowledge of The Netherlands/Amsterdam to help you schedule a private tour trip that you and all your corporate VIPs will be talking about for years to come.

4. Access to Unique Experiences

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to simply going it on your own is the lack of unique experiences that you will have. Your lack of knowledge of the area will likely cause you to gravitate towards touristy events.

We’ve built up quite an extensive network here in The Netherlands. Not only can we help you get to the go-to spots, but we might also even have a few tricks up our sleeves to add to your experience. 

Looking for authentic food? We know the best spots. Wanting to see the coolest spots in Urban Amsterdam? No one knows these trails better than we do. We’ll help you find your breath-taking experiences.

5. Emphasis on Your Event

Perhaps most importantly, a private tour can help you ensure that your group is sticking together. Otherwise, you might struggle to keep everyone in the same room for too long.

Whether you’re using this trip to discuss potential business or boost company morale, a private tour gives you time to bond together and stir natural conversation.

As many business experts will tell you, the best business conversations happen when you’re able to remove yourself from the corporate setting. A private tour through The Netherlands can certainly accomplish that!

Book a Private Tour Through The Netherlands Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on why you should book a private tour for your next corporate event, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

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