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8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Executive Car Service

The global luxury car market is valued at around $410 billion USD a year. COVID 19 hit sales hard, meaning fewer luxury vehicles are now on the road. But do you know how this can benefit your business? One way is to hire a luxury sedan to impress clients and potential customers. Read on as we discuss the questions you should ask when hiring an executive car service.

1. What Licenses Do They Have?

It is important that the company you hire has the correct licenses and documentation. In fact, without them, the company you hire is breaking the law. If an accident occurs to you or a client without them, then a long legal proceeding could leave you with out-of-pocket costs.

Plus, the correct licenses show the company you hire has a professional standard to uphold. This could be with the maintenance of vehicles or the customer service they provide. All of this ensures you will be happy with your hire.

2. Do They Offer Packages?

There may be certain times when you need more than just an executive car rental drop-off service. This could include hiring multiple vehicles at once or a special service such as showing clients around the city.

In these cases, you can always ask the luxury travel company if they do packages. This may be a discount for multiple cars or even longer rentals. It could be that they offer trips and sightseeing to entertain guests.

3. How Do You Choose Drivers?

Not all drivers are created equal. If you are hiring for yourself or a client, you need to know that the driver will have professional and personal standards on arrival. This ensures they know who and what they are doing, so you don’t have to worry.

Drivers should have undergone criminal background checks. You may also want to know that they are regularly checked for drugs and alcohol before driving a vehicle.

As well as being vetted by the company, you’ll get peace of mind by knowing they can act appropriately. They must be accommodating, polite and sophisticated. Punctuality is a must, as well as being a safe, level-headed driver.

4. What Vehicles Are in Your Fleet?

Just like drivers, not all executive cars are equal. Your idea of luxury travel may be different from someone else’s. While they advertise their services, their vehicles may be old, dilapidated, and lacking.

Make sure the company you hire has a range of vehicles. Check out ones of different sizes, and see what amenities they have. You may want to see photos or visit them yourself beforehand, especially if you are hosting a new client.

Ask how well they maintain the cars. By finding out the year of manufacture, you will also know if they have a modern, reliable fleet or not.

5. What Does the Rate Cover?

When you rent a luxury sedan, the cost is not always as simple as a pickup and drop-off. In fact, there are a number of factors that cost money when on the road. Parking is the main one, but toll fees, fuel costs, and driver gratuities also come into play.

The cost you are given when you rent a car may include all or none of these. Of course, this is perfectly fine if you know about them in advance. Ask the company, and make sure to budget for any added petrol and parking fees.

Ask to see a sample bill from the company you hire. The best luxury sedan service will be transparent with their billing, explaining what is and is not included in the cost. They should also take into account your needs and journey to incorporate parking and toll costs before beginning.

6. What Happens in the Event of an Accident?

Even the most organized company with a great fleet can not avoid accidents. At a basic level, you will need to know what happens if a vehicle breaks down. Does the company have other staff and cars to send as a replacement?

Another factor to consider is what happens in the event of a vehicle crash. Does the company have insurance? What are the safety procedures in place to deal with it?

7. What Is the Cancellation Policy?

Your plans can change as well. In the event you have to cancel your booking, you need to know what you will be liable to pay if anything. Some companies may offer free cancellation within a certain time frame, while others may charge for fuel and the driver’s time for last-minute cancellations.

8. Do You Have Testimonials and Reviews?

Any executive car service, even if fairly new, should have some sort of testimonial. They may be able to provide specific customer comments or even tell you about important clients they have.

You can also use this when trying to find a service. Check online for reviews and ratings on consumer sites and social media. You may also be able to ask colleagues, friends, and family who they have used in the past.

Hiring an Executive Car Service

Now you know the questions to ask your rental service about luxury sedans and executive vehicles, and you can rest easy. Let the company take the strain away so you can get on with business and enjoy the ride.

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