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How to Hire a Chauffeur During COVID-19

Are you looking to book a chauffeur that’s safe to use during COVID-19? Do you wonder how you can ensure that you’re hiring the best service for your needs? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to hire a chauffeur during these unprecedented times.

If you’re booking a chauffeur for company matters, you want to make sure that it’s safe for your clients, VIPs, and yourself to ride in. You can never be too careful!

See below for an in-depth guide on how you can find a trustworthy car service that is handling the pandemic with class.

1. Learn About the Service

You wouldn’t hire a contractor without knowing a thing or two about their experience and projects. Most companies don’t hire any service without having insight into the company they’re going to be working with.

You should have the same mindset with the chauffeurs you hire: look into the service that they work for. This will give you intel into what level of service you can expect when you get inside the car.

Here at DMC Limousines, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high-end, all-around chauffeur service. We have years of experience in providing clients with luxury ground transportation and livery services. We could give you endless client references to call that will sing praises about our quality.

At the core of our business is how much we strive for safety. All of our chauffeurs are put through an intensive screening process to ensure they meet our high standards. This includes:

  • Weekly mandatory programs on safety, reliability, etiquette, and driving skills
  • Recurring health tests and drug tests
  • Rigorous background checks every 5 years

We guarantee that our chauffeurs will show up at your facility 15 minutes before you wish to head to your desired location. They stay up-to-date on real-time traffic to ensure you arrive on time.

2. Learn About Their Fleet

Would you believe us if we told you that there are “chauffeur services” out there that don’t even own their cars? If you aren’t careful, you might end up booking through brokers or revenue sharks that offer services without actually owning metal (their cars).

We believe that a chauffeur service can’t fully thrive without its fleet. After all, how can those other companies ensure that the car is 100-percent safe for you to ride in if they never see it in person?

No matter what your needs are for a luxury vehicle, we at DMC Limousines have you covered. If you have 1 to 4 VIPs, then we can offer a Mercedes S-Class Maybach or the S-350 VIP, as well as an E-Class Business Limousine.

If you need room for 5 to 8 people, then we can offer Mercedes V-Class or Sprinter vehicles. Do you need more than 9 people to fit comfortably inside a vehicle?  We also offer 16/23-person Mercedes Sprinters and a Mercedes Coach that fits up to 79 VIPs.

Long story short: we have options for you. Your business can build a relationship with us and depend on our chauffeurs for any car service needs you have from this day forward.

3. Do They Accommodate Commercial Clients?

No chauffeur service is going to turn away the opportunity to drive for a commercial client, but can their service really accommodate the needs that your company has?

There are a few key details we encourage you to look for. First, learn more about how the chauffeur service handles payment processing. Do they ensure that all fees and taxes are included in their quote? Do they have different ways to do the payment?

Next, look for a fleet of luxury vehicles. As we mentioned above, it’s vitally important that the chauffeur service you hire owns the cars they drive.

Lastly, do they have other commercial clients? Have those commercial clients been satisfied with the service they’ve received? You can find this information by either requesting client references or reading through online reviews.

4. Health and Safety Prioritization

When booking a chauffeur service in the age of COVID-19 one should be asking, “What is the chauffeur service doing to promote health and safety?” How can they ensure that the car you’re riding in is as safe as possible?

We’ve taken every step to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for our passengers. All of our chauffeurs wear masks and gloves while they work and every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned following each shift. 

We’re happy to shed more light on the proactive steps we’ve taken to ensure a safe trip, feel free to call us at +31 202 402 300 if you’d like more information.

5. Book Online

This is the digital age we live in, and the chauffeur service you hire should offer online booking. This gives you the convenience of scheduling your service whenever you need it.

We’ve made everything easier on the customer with our three-step online booking. First, you’ll start by giving us all of the ride information such as:

  • Service type
  • Pick-up date and time
  • Pick-up location
  • Drop-off location
  • Number of passengers
  • Luggage count

Next, you’ll select your vehicle to accommodate the number of passengers, then, in step three, you’ll enter all the final details. It’s as easy as that!

Hire a Chauffeur That You Can Trust

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to hire a chauffeur during the age of COVID-19, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this blog article for more information on the questions you should ask before choosing an executive car service. To get started, book your first trip through our online booking page.


DMC Limousines transports all those, for whom style and class are a way of life. This transportation can be either incidental or on a contractual basis and is often used as an economically attractive alternative to having a permanent driver, to transport yourself or your executives.

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