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Airport Transfer: Seven Reasons to Hire an Executive Car Service

About 89 percent of people found travel to be stressful. From planning for a trip to the added pressures of staying while in transit and accommodations, air travel has become more stressful than ever. What’s more, you have to worry about how to get to and from the airport.

With all the extra concerns and demands added to your air travel plans, you can make your life easier by hiring an airport transfer service. It can extremely reduce your stress and anxiety levels, especially if you’re traveling to a foreign destination. If you want to travel, here are reasons to hire executive car services for your airport transfer.

1. Experience Safety And Cleanliness

Whether you’re traveling to a city for the first time or the tenth time, safety is a top concern. While some travelers prefer renting self-driving cars owing to safety concerns, it can be riskier since they don’t know the place well.

When you hire an executive car service, you can be assured of your safety. Your chauffeur knows the safest routes in the city and will ensure you reach your destination without any hassle. Also, the chauffeur car service is equipped with tracking systems and well-mapped destinations to ensure the same.

Your professional airport chauffeur service will also follow all health safety protocols to keep you at ease and comfortable. They’ll ensure the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for your safety.

2. You Get To Ride With A Local Chauffeur

When you land in a new city, you’ll most likely want to explore the place, visit the best restaurants, or go shopping in local stores. You may also want to get to your destination fast but face traffic delays.

The advantage of hiring airport transfers is that they have local chauffeurs to help you reach your destination quickly or show you around the city.

Since they have a lot of experience driving around the city, they can get you to your destination faster. If you want to explore the new city, they can show you around. They can take you for a little sightseeing, the best local eateries, and more so you can have a more enjoyable trip.

Whether you book airport transfer Netherlands or airport transfer Amsterdam, there will always be a local chauffeur at your service.

3. They Are Reliable

Worried about missing flights or waiting long at the airport lounge?

Missing flights or having to wait for long hours at the arrival lounge can be daunting. You can avoid these travel disasters by booking airport transfer services. These executive car services have a streamlined system in place to help you reach your destinations fast and on time.

The chauffeur will show up at the time you specified to deliver you in plenty of time to prepare for your flight. If you want a ride from the airport to your hotel, airport transfer services also offer zero wait time. You get to book beforehand and the chauffeur will be at the departure gates waiting for you.

4. Fewer Formalities

After a long flight, the last thing you want to start dealing with is the hassle of renting a car or finding local cab services. Apart from filling out mounds of paperwork to fill out, you are never quite sure what kind of vehicle you will get if you decide to rent a car. The booking process of local cab services is also lengthy and tedious.

On the other hand, hiring an airport transfer service is fast and easy. All you need to do is fill in your pick-up & drop details and make payments. You also get to choose the car you want and you’re assured of its availability. With online booking, you won’t experience any hassle or delays in the drive to and from the airport.

5. Comfort And Luxury Guaranteed

Whether you’re taking a business trip or traveling for pleasure, you want to be comfortable. With a traditional taxi or shuttle service, you have to cram into an economy car or shared vehicle. It can be very nerve-racking and uncomfortable if you traveled with other people or brought several bags.

When you hire an executive car service, you can get all the space you need for your fellow travelers and bags. You also get enough legroom to stretch your legs. This is often very important after you’ve been crammed in an airplane for several hours.

Besides, airport transfer services also offer privacy and calm so you can sit back, relax, and travel in uncompromised luxury.

6. Availability For Multiple Riders

Are you traveling in a large group? Need extra rides?

Whether you are traveling with your family or colleagues, you may want to travel together during your trip. This means you’ll need a larger vehicle for your airport transfer.

An airport transfer service offers several fleets of vehicles that allow for multiple riders. You won’t have to separate from your travel crew and each traveler gets to enjoy the same high-quality luxury experience. If you are traveling with children, you can request special adjustments for them.

7. Round The Clock Availability

As an air traveler, it can be stressful to know that you don’t have available transportation to take you to and from the airport. It can cause you to miss your flight or wait for hours at the airport lounge.

When you hire airport transfer services, you don’t have to worry about these inconveniences. They provide 24/7 availability. What’s more, unlike other standard transportation options, you do not require to plan your travel as per their schedules. You simply have to book your ride through a website or an app and your chauffeur will come to pick you up.

Book Luxury, Dependable, And Hassle-Free Airport Transfer Services

Looking to make your air travel more relaxing?

Look no further than DMC Limousines. We offer luxurious and comfortable airport transfers that can turn your business trip or vacation into a rich and satisfying experience. Our professional chauffeurs are ready to serve your transit needs. Get in touch with us to make a booking.

What Luxury Travel May Look Like After COVID

It’s no secret that crises change the world. Through the COVID 19 pandemic devastated many and caused almost everyone vast amounts of inconvenience and boredom, it’s become clear that businesses will be changing for the better in the post COVID world. Like it or not, businesses are learning to adapt, which always leads to a better world. 

But what about the luxury travel industry? 

Many people are wondering how post-COVID travel is going to work since travel was one of the first things to get shut down at the beginning of the pandemic.

With the world opening back up and luxury vacations becoming more popular again, how will we stay luxurious in this shifting world? Will we just go back to what we did before? Or will the luxury travel after COVID look completely different? 

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about post-COVID luxury travel. 

Information Will Increase 

Luckily for you, most of the stress of the luxury travel industry falls on the travel companies, not on the customer. Most businesses are concerned that people will refuse to even bother traveling with a luxury travel provider. Because of this, they’re going to make sure to stay on top of providing the traveler with information.

The post COVID world is a world of rapidly shifting rules. You never know when the types of identification you have to carry will be restricted, or when the number of people who can gather in one place will be lowered. The luxury travel business wants to make sure that you keep coming back, so they’re going to keep you updated. 

While this is an increase in stress for the industry, it’s a comfort for the consumer to know that they’re going to stay informed. 

Distancing Will Probably Stick Around 

Even while COVID restrictions lift, it’s always better safe than sorry. While a typical cab driver might not care that much about social distancing, the purpose of luxury travel is to provide you the maximum amount of comfort. You’re not going to be very comfortable if you’re worried about catching the coronavirus. 

Safety measures — such as social distancing and mask-wearing — will most likely stay in place for a while after the COVID pandemic dies down. While our lives will start to return to normal, the virus will linger around, and it’s going to be hard to tell when it will flare up again. 

However, you don’t have to worry about these safety protocols annoying you. It will most likely manifest itself as more luxury to you. Likely, you’ll be offered hand sanitizer, kept a comfortable distance from you, and have surfaces wiped down before you sit on them; if that isn’t luxury, what is? 

One On One Experiences

The luxury travel industry has always relied upon giving people personalized experiences. If you’re willing and able to shell out the money on traveling in luxury, you most likely don’t want to have the same type of experience as other people. Luxury travel sidesteps the trappings of tourism and gets down to the simple experiences that people love. 

Now, however, one on one experiences are becoming a must. To stay safe, it’s best to stay away from large groups of people. To deal with this, luxury travel companies will focus on one-on-one experiences even more.

No one wants to be one of those people on the big red double-decker busses, getting carted around the town you’re visiting in the hot sun. Now, however, those trips are downright dangerous. A private trip around Amsterdam will allow you to customize your experience, and live in luxury.

Because of the cattle-call nature of tourism, the luxury travel industry might even grow. More and more people will most likely find themselves looking for new, more private ways to travel. This could lead to more services opening themselves. 

Your luxury travel provider will also most likely steer you to locations that aren’t quite as popular. This means you’ll encounter fewer crowds, which won’t only increase your safety, but enhance the experience. You might even discover a few secrets that the natives haven’t even caught on to yet. 

Travel Design Will Increase

To go hand in hand with one on one experiences is an increase in demand for travel design. While, yes, the internet has made it easier than ever to find locations yourself, people are realizing that they can have a better experience by handing the reigns to someone else. As stated earlier, crises breeds change, and the desire to stay away from people has turned into the desire to want to see the best locations.

By making use of travel design, you’re ensuring that you see all of the most high-quality spots while staying away from tourist traps. Travel designers stay in touch with local high-quality restaurants, galleries, you name it, to stay up on any sort of promotions that might be going on. 

As people are realizing they want to travel individually, they’re realizing just what sort of great experiences they can have with travel design. 

The Luxury Travel Industry is Here to Stay 

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed a number of things about the world we live in. Though things are going back to “normal”, said normal is a new normal; the world is going to look different than it did before. 

However, you can rest assured that the luxury travel industry isn’t going anywhere. In fact, by increasing communication and safety, and focusing on individual experiences and travel design, the luxury travel industry will wind up better than ever before. 

For more information, contact us today. 

A Guide to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

In 2019, 71.7 million passengers passed through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Not only is Amsterdam a popular tourist destination, but the Netherlands is also a hub for business in Europe. It’s also a great connecting point to hop over to a number of other fantastic European cities.

So it’s no wonder why this airport receives so many travelers all year long. In fact, you might be heading over there yourself!

Are you flying to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport soon? Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, you’ll want to keep reading. Here’s everything you need to know about your trip to Amsterdam.

The Terminals and Departure Halls

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport actually only has 1 passenger terminal. However, it’s split up into 3 Departure Halls. They contain the concourses B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and M.

Here are the Departure Halls and their corresponding concourses:

  • Departure Hall 1: B, C, D (shared with Departure Hall 2)
  • Departure Hall 2: D, E
  • Departure Hall 3: F, G, H/M (H and M are 1 concourse)

Concourse D is the biggest one, which is why it’s split between 2 Departure Halls. They’re separated into 2 levels.

If you’re flying in the Schengen Area, you’ll probably be going to gates D-59 or above in Departure Hall 2 or Pier M in Departure Hall 3. Otherwise, gates D-1 to D-57 in Departure Hall 2 and Piers F, G, and H are for non-Schengen flights.

The Floor Levels

Not only are there different Departure Halls, but there are also several levels in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In total there are 4: 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Level 0

Level 0 is where you’ll arrive if you’re flying in. This is also where you’ll find ground transportation.

Here, you can connect to the parking level P1, as well as hotels, restaurants, cafes, a supermarket, information desks, and other services. You can also rent out lockers here to store your items.

Level 1

If you’re leaving the Netherlands, you’ll have to go to Level 1. It’s divided into an East and West side.

On the East side are departure areas 1 and 2, and gates B, C, D, and E. On the West side are departure areas 3 and 4, lounges 3 and 4, and gates F, G, H, and M.

Naturally, you’ll check in at this level. Once you have, you’ll have easy access to the Departure Halls and Piers.

Level 2

Up here, you’ll find some nice restaurants and bars where you can spend your time if you’re waiting for your flight. You’ll also find VIP Lounges 1 to 4, as well as airline lounges.

If you have a flight that leaves from gates D, E, or F, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can access these gates from the Level 2 VIP lounges as well, which eliminates the trip back to Level 1.

Also, note that if you’re staying in a hotel at the airport, Hotel Mercure and the Yotel are on Level 2 where VIP Lounge 3 and 4 are.

Level 3

Level 3 is where you’ll find the Panorama Terrace and Fokker Experience.

On the Panorama Terrace, you’ll get an excellent view of all the airport runways. Also, there’s a KLM Fokker 100 you can take a look at.


In most cases, you’ll check in hours before your actual flight. But not to worry, as there’s plenty to do inside the airport.

Not only are there duty-free shops, but there are also gift shops where you can pick up some nice souvenirs for your family, such as tulip bulbs.

You can also find many restaurants and bars where you can fuel up and relax with a nice cold beer or two.

Meeting Point

If you’ve been to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport before 2018, you might remember a giant checkered red and white meeting point at the central arrival hall. However, it’s been removed for better passenger traffic.

If you need to meet up with anyone, there is now a smaller meeting point. You’ll see a pole with a cube on top that has an illustration of a large dot with 4 arrows pointing at it, with the words “Meeting point” below.

You’ll find the meeting point pretty close to where the old one was in the central hall. It’s between Platforms 3-4 and 5-6, right next to Burger King.

It’s Not Actually in Amsterdam

Many people don’t know this, but Amsterdam Schiphol Airport isn’t actually in Amsterdam! So there’s this misconception that when you get out of the terminal, you can walk out into the city.

Thankfully though, the city isn’t far away. There’s a train station right within the airport so you can hop on and get to Amsterdam in about 10 minutes.

However, it’s a bit of a hassle. Visitors have to get something called an anonymous OV-chipkaart, which is a card you scan to check in and out of public transport (trains, trams, buses).

There are certain kiosks where you can buy these cards at, and you have to top them up with at least €20. Whenever you travel, your balance has to be over €20.

As you can see, it can be quite a hassle to sort out this card, especially if you’re not going to be in town for very long.

A better option would be to hire an airport car service, such as one from DMC Limousines. Once you get off your flight, you’ll get straight into the vehicle and the chauffeur will take you wherever you need to go.

Navigate Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Easily With Our Tips

It might be daunting to fly out of the United States, so you might understandably be nervous about your upcoming trip to Amsterdam.

Hopefully, our guide to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will have you feeling better and less anxious about your flight. You’ll be able to focus more on being excited for your journey instead!

If you’d like car services for your business trip or vacation to Amsterdam, book with us now. We’ll be more than happy to help!


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