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Why Hire an Executive Sedan for Your Next Corporate Event

With travel on the rise and companies looking to implement in-person events, you need to ensure that your company is at the leading edge. Did you know that an estimated 74% of people on business trips consider driving to be the primary mode of travel? Using an executive sedan can be your ticket to ensuring worry-free transportation for your business trips that will impress clients and decrease the stress of organizing other modes of transport.

What Is an Executive Sedan Service?

Luxury sedan services can be customized based on the number of people, vehicle specification, and personal preference. Multiple clientele that requires transportation can use luxury vans and buses that hold up to 20+ people.

If your corporation has an event that requires transporting much fewer people, don’t worry – smaller models are available that provide both comfort and style.

Concerned about the impact of these vehicles on the environment? Your options also include “green choices” to help you appease clients and decrease your carbon footprint.

Transportation Options

With plenty of options on the style, comfort, and space of executive sedans, where can you expect this sedan service to drive you and your clients to and from?

Whether you need transportation to a single event, or multiple drops offs/pick-ups along the way, luxury sedan services have it all.

Many times, people fly into a city for a corporate event. Not to worry, airport transportation is something that can easily be accommodated to ensure a swift and easy pick up of those executives you’ve been trying to impress all year long.

Hire vs. Rental

Your clients are coming in from out of town and don’t have an immediate means of transportation. Do you send them the address and let them figure it out? Do you offer them a specific rental car or public transportation services?

COVID-19 impacted many areas of the corporate industry, but now that you are seeing work begin to return to normal there are some concerns that are being brought to light. Companies are starting to enlist return to in-person work, organized corporate events, and business travel.

With these corporations easing back into organized events, there is one glaring problem.

On certain websites, car rental prices have shot up by almost 95%. Not only is there a significant shortage of car rentals, but the hassle of organizing one has turned into a valid concern. By struggling to find rental cars for those executives you’ve brought in from out of the area, where do you turn to next?

Your focus should be on the corporate event you are organizing, not on the stress of handling transportation. There are often many hiccups along the way with any organized event, and you should be able to eliminate those unnecessary stressors that pop up along the way.

Hiring a sedan service not only eliminates the hassle of purchasing a car rental but ensures that you have a vehicle awaiting you at the airport, hotel, or conference. You can rest assured knowing that your clients don’t have to drive in a foreign city, navigate through tricky traffic, or worry about parking. You can rely on an experienced driver and luxury car service that will cater to your clients, executives, or employees.

Where Can You Rent a Luxury Sedan?

You’ve decided that a luxury sedan is the option you want to pick. Congratulations, this is a smart move. Not only have you eliminated the stress of finding various modes of transportation for your event, but you have also chosen to impress your clients with something more high-end than a standard rental car.

Luxury sedan services have multiple countries and cities that customers can choose from for pick-up locations.

For example, your clients are flying from Europe to Las Vegas, Nevada. Is this service available in both Europe and America? The short answer is: yes.

Not only can you organize a corporate event pick-up from the airport in Las Vegas, but you can also schedule private tours for those executives you want to impress with the Vegas nightlife.

Safety First

The last thing you ever want to stress about is the safety of your clients. The key to ensuring that your private driver is equipped with the most up-to-date safety and security is by looking at companies that utilize enhanced technology.

Flight tracking and modern software installation allow for the driver to easily track flights and monitor payments/bookings. Each driver should also be screened before hire through various testing tools that emphasize driving, etiquette, and health.

By providing high-quality staff members, enhanced safety features in each vehicle, and modern technology, you can be assured that each passenger is in good hands.

The Future of Business Travel

You’ve come this far, and you’re probably thinking – what’s the catch? Here’s the thing, there is none. Executive sedan services provide quality customer care, safe driving features, and worry-free transportation. There are no catches, just simple facts.

The travel business is starting to pick back up and you want to be at the forefront of integrating corporate events back into your company. So far, up to 35% of small business owners are already projecting to travel within the year. It’s important that those clients you’ve been trying to win over via Zoom for the past year and a half have a memorable business trip.

Booking an executive sedan can reassure you that your corporate event will start off smoothly. It’s time to start thinking about customer care once again. You get it, it’s been a while. You’ve been working at home for so long now that you’ve all but forgotten what it was like to organize an event.

Keeping Ahead of the Game

Whether you have been coordinating business trips for years or if it is your first one, don’t let the stress of planning keep you from taking that next step with your company. Start with what you know you can count on with 100% confidence.

Visit a reliable executive sedan service today to ensure that you are one step ahead of the game at your next business event.


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